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Welcome  to the Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign, a partnership of the League of California Cities and the Public Health Advocates.

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Complete Parks Playbook - New Tool!

Our newly published Complete Parks Playbook is designed to help cities make the most of their parks. The policies and examples showcased in the Playbook support robust and sustainable parks systems that contribute to community and economic health. A Spanish version and a Fact Sheet are available. The HEAL Cities Campaign, along with ChangeLab Solutions, is using the Playbook to strengthen parks across the State. Contact Us for more information!



Cities for Workforce Health 2017 Grant Program now accepting applications

Cities for Workforce Health's (CWH) application for 2017 consulting is now opwn. You can complete your application online by linking here. The due date is Friday, August 5. CWH is a program of the HEAL Cities Campaign, League of California Cities, Kaiser Permanente and Keenan Associates. It provides resources and practical support for cities' workforce wellness efforts. Link here to see the schedule of wellness talks, webinars, conference sessions and small grants program.




Complete Parks

Parks and open space are among cities' most valuable assets, and they are prime drivers of community health - both physical and emotional - and of municipal economic health. A park system that is accessible to all residents, well funded, well maintained, well programmed and well used is known as a Complete Parks System.

Land Use

Access to everyday physical activity through sidewalks and bike paths, the availability of parks and open space for recreation, close proximity of housing to grocery stores, farmers markets and community gardens all depend on good land use policies. Cities' land use tools of planning, zoning and infrastructure investment can have a positive impact on community health. 


Healthy Foods

Cities have powerful planning, economic development, and public relations tools to attract healthy food to underserved neighborhoods. Cities are focusing these tools on establishing healthy corner stores, grocery stores, farmer's markets, community gardens and urban farms in the neighborhoods that most need them. 


Worksite Wellness

Cities can reduce the impact of stress and poor health on their employees by creating a work environment, and programs, that support nutrition, physical activity, breastfeeding and stress reduction. A healthier workplace can contribute to increased morale, fewer sick days and higher productivity. 

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